First Pick and Bare Root

It’s that time of year to place your order for bare-root fruit trees and bare-root roses.

Fruit trees arrive at Wegman’s in early 2020 bare root, meaning the roots of a tree or plant are exposed rather than planted in a container with soil. This is an acceptable condition for fruit trees since they are dormant in the winter.

Fruit Trees

  • FIRST PICK Fruit Trees from Dave Wilson Nurseryorder deadline Nov. 3, 2019 
    First Pick bare-root fruit trees are available from Dave Wilson Nursery and include many specialty or hard-to-find varieties. View the First Pick varieties, Order Form, Instructions and Price List by clicking these links. First pick orders must be received by     November 3rd and paid for in full. Please note that there is no discount on First Pick fruit trees. If your selection is unavailable, you will receive a full refund.
  • Bare-Root Fruit Trees (Berries, Combo, Flowering or Fruit) order deadline Nov. 30, 2019 
    Click here for our Bare-Root Fruit Trees (Berries, Combo, Flowering or Fruit) Availability and Price Lists and Order Form. Order by calling our store at 650-368-5908. Pay for your bare root trees at the time you place your order and receive a 10% discount. Order and pay for these bare-root fruit trees by November 30th and receive a 10% discount off of the bare-root list price.


  • 2020 Bare-Root Roses
    Click here to view the Bare-Root Roses (Bushes, Climbers and Trees) and and Price List. Please call Wegman’s Nursery and speak to one of our cashiers at 650-368-5908 to verbally place your order. We also welcome customers to visit us and place orders in person.